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Barry Sturdivant's May Article for Greenhouse Grower

Barry Sturdivant is a Relationship Manager for TS Ag Finance and he also publishes articles that evolve from his knowledge and experiences from his years of agriculture lending.  Barry wrote an...

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Barry Sturdivant featured in Greenhouse Grower

Barry Sturdivant is a Relationship Manager for TS Ag Finance and occasionally publishes articles in trade magazines such as Greenhouse Grower. Barry’s banking expertise is the nursery and...

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Seven items that should be on your agriculture management checklist

With increased volatility and anxiety about low commodity futures prices and wide cash basis prices, we wanted to share with you a management checklist from Dr. David M. Kohl, Professor Emeritus...

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A College Senior's Perspective on the Ag Industry

We reached out to our credit analyst intern, Joe Ver Steegh, to get his opinion on the current state of the agriculture industry from a student’s perspective.

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TS Ag Finance - Ames Location

Did you know that our National Team is located in Ames, Iowa. The National Team includes Hugh Marsden and Mark Dunn. Hugh and Mark work with loan originators and brokers to offer long term fixed...

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Three Things You Didn't Know AboutTS Ag Finance

  1. We can provide solutions to all of your agriculture loan needs. Being part of TS Banking Group we have the ability to offer competitive operating and chattel loans. In addition we have...
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What's Your Game Plan?

Due to high output costs, weather variables and the wavering markets, 2015 and 2016 have been full of challenges for those involved in the Ag industry. To sit and watch it rain, check grain prices...

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